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Socialist Federal Republic of Acadame North

Acadame North Diplomatic Relations

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Acadame North only maintains consulates in Canada, Slovenia [includes Europe]

To entertain Diplomatic relations with Acadame North you must meet this criteria

a) The nation shall Not be fascist

b) The nation must have a claimed territory

c) The nation can not be a RPN [role playing nation]
Micronations we recognize
If you feel your country meets these standards contact the Deputy secretary of State affairs or the first secretary


Death of a Acadame North Citizen: When a Acadame North citizen dies abroad, the Ambassador or State Affairs Department can notify the family at home and provide information about the options and costs of disposition of the remains. Costs for preparing and returning the remains from Acadame North back home are high and the family must pay all costs with the exception of Acadame North Citizens who have perminent Residence in Acadame North. The Embassy also prepares a Report of Death based on the local death certificate. This Report can be used as proof of death in most legal proceedings in the U.S and Canada.

Arrest of a Acadame North Citizen: If you are aware that a Acadame North citizen is under arrest in any nation please contact the closest Acadame North Ambassador or the State Affairs Department or please ask the authorities to notify the Acadame North Government immediately by Via email or telephone number wich can be obtained by asking before you leave. The Embassy can work to help protect the person and ensure fair treatment. The Embassy will also visit the prisoner; provide information about the local legal process, as well as a list of local attorneys; and notify family and friends.

Slovenian Consulate Ljutomer Slovenija



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