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Acadame North

About Acadame North

Acadame North: enchantment of the worldİ 2006
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Acadame North Criminal Code
Acadame North Constitution June 1999

Capital: Matjegrad [Titograd]

Population: 30

National Anthem: Forward flag of glory!

Motto: Free at last! 

National languages: Slovenian, English and French

Government type: Limited democracy

Country Status: Defacto independent

Major Cities: Matjegrad, Kirov

Religions: Roman catholic 100%

Location: Southern Canada

National flower: The Orchid

National tree: Pine tree

National bird: Robin

National food: Palachinka or palacinka

National stone: Quartz


Acadame North is a great Nation Contact

Acadame Norh became an independent state on June 25, 1999

Acadame North maintains relations with Amokila,

Slovenian is the second  in Acadame North

Free at last!